Privacy Policy

At Studio Obscura we care deeply about privacy. We don’t track you, store personal data, or sell information to advertising companies. We believe that your personal data belongs to you.

What Obscura does do:
— Use your device’s camera to take photos
— Optionally, use your location to save GPS information to your photos metadata (this happens on device, never transmitted)
— Optionally, use the microphone to record Live Photos.
— Optionally, if you sign up to our mailing list, we store your email address. If you unsubscribe, we delete it.
— If you email us for customer support, we keep a record of it. (But of course, we don’t do anything with that)

What your device may do
— Optionally, use iCloud Photo Library to store photos in the cloud
— Optionally, if your device is set to share anonymised usage data to Apple, we receive some of that information. (Essentially just crash reports, and tells us what devices and versions of the operating system are used)

You can read more about the data Apple collects here:

All the best,
Ben & Adam